Famous robots in movies

Now this is the time when robotics is becoming a part of our lives in some or other way. Alexa is being used in almost every home for the day to day activity, roomba robots are used to clean the floor itself, Tesla cars are the classic examples of artificial intelligence and many other examples are there related to robotics. Even for a very long time, robotics has been used in the media and entertainment industry. Kids and youngsters love to watch the use of robotics in film making. Let us discuss some famous robots in movies.

  1. The machines of the matrix:

Matrix came in 1999 and 2003. There was not a single robot in this Hollywood movie but a whole army of them was used. It was a total danger because of robots. The use of artificial intelligence in this movie was a game changer which shows how robotics can be disastrous, there are many other movies and shows there which showed the negative side of robotics.

  1. Wall-E:

It was released in 2007 and such a good movie it is to watch. This movie shows the positive side and cuteness of a robot. Wall-E was the name given to the robot who is so innocent and used for the cleaning purposes. After sometime, Wall-E falls in love and shows his emotions and feelings. All these qualities make him the best machine in the automation world. This shows humanity also. Not all robots used in movies destroy the world, some are sweet too.

  1. RoboCop: 

This series came in 1987, 1990, 1993 and 2014. RoboCop is a movie based on the weaknesses of man, either physical or related to integrity. This movie has good graphic content. RoboCop is programmed in such a way that it kills criminals and drug dealers. He also fights against corruption. RoboCop is easy to cheer for though. This is one of the famous robots in movies. It is super entertaining. This movie shows how a machine can be programmed to make the world peaceful.

  1. Terminator:

This series was released in 6 parts from 1982 to 2019. In these 6 movies, the robot named terminator was sometimes in a good role and sometimes in a bad role. It depends on programming. This movie shows the use of advanced technology to program such a complicated robot and the main robot of this movie was T-800. The Terminator movie is incomplete without T-800 who is the funniest and kick ass.

These are some famous robots in movies made in Hollywood which are awesome to watch.

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