Best Korean movie apps

Each app includes a variety of different plays, so you should be confident that your selected application contains all the programs you hope to view. Often programs do not list, though, what is available and what deals might change, meaning that before you use it you do not know what is available in an app. Fortunately, many apps are free, so it’s not a lot to import applications to peek at what they often have.


You can call up your FluentU account on your Android machine to do something research and be inspired by new dramas you love if you are not yet familiar with Korean dramas or need suggestions for any new shows to be binge. Listed below are theĀ Korean movie apps



Korean Drama App Viki is a major name for Korean drama. Indeed, you may have enjoyed it online or via your Roku. However, you do not know that Viki is available for Android devices as well.


The Android app has impressive subtitling options; they live in +200 languages when the users are submitted. Notice that not all languages are available for any series, but you are likely to see a service providing subtitles in any language in which you wish to see subtitles.


Another nice feature of the Viki program is that you can talk with other users when you are searching,



OnDemandKorea is another common streaming option that you could be using with on your device or on your Roku. OnDemandKorea, however, still provides a common Android application.

The app includes a great deal of free content and new tech is uploaded hours after the air so you can dive into a chat subject for the next language interchange.



Have you ever tried to learn Korean with real material like films, music and Korean videos?? Are you interested in studying Korean language?

Ok, now you can with FluentU! FluentU hosts videos of several of Korea’s famous dramas that you can binge right on your smartphone. Only log in and check for Korean dramas, or sort them out, and you will have too many choices to pick from.

Most of all, there’s no fun stopping! FluentU has Korean subtitles and English translations incorporated so that you can appreciate everything that is happening.



Korean-drama-app-for-androidKocowa is a premium entertainment service you might have previously checked out from your PC, but may now be used for your favorite Android smartphone.

And the characteristics of Kocowa are very attractive. While a certain content needs a subscription, 24 hours after they air in Korea, you can watch free shows.

It doesn’t just save your spot between computers, so you don’t need to immediately find where you left off.

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