Be Kind Rewind Latest Movie Review

Be Kind Rewind is a work based comedy which involves an old run down video store in a run down neighbourhood. The video store is not doing so well and if the owner (Glover) can’t get the money to repair it then he has no choice to have is store demolished. So he sets off to another town where he sees that another video store is doing so well because they offer DVDs instead of videos.

While Glover has left the store in the capable hands of Mike (Def) who is a trusty and faithful employee. Everything soon unravels however when all the tapes are mysteriously turned blank, however we learn they have been erased as one of Mike’s friends Jerry (Black) tried to sabotage a local power plant and became magnetized in the process which eventually led to the destruction of the tapes.

Not knowing what to do when some of the customers come in complaining they come up with the ridiculous idea that they will create their own movies and rent them out. After a while of doing this business picks up in the small store and they soon have very huge lines forming outside the doors.

However after a while the video store gets a visit from the FBI saying that they have broke the law by bootlegging these movies, so the gang decides to make their own movies about one of the towns local music legend ‘Fatz’ in order to try and save their shop from being demolished.

Be Kind Rewind is more silly than it is funny as the main plot of making these big Hollywood movies in the back garden then selling/renting them out to such a big audience. However this is a comedy and some things don’t need to be examined so closely, this movie is supposed to be fun and that’s what it is through the improvisation style acting to the film spoofs Black and Def create it will be enough to keep you entertained through out the movie.

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